40.03.01 Law science

Profiles: Civil law, Criminal law

The students get fundamental and specific training in the area of law. 
A lawyer follows regulations and provides order in different spheres of society life .

The lawyers focus on:

  • events and activities that are significant for legal area;
  • legal relations that appear due to state institutes operation;
  • legal relations among the state bodies, physical and legal entities.

The lawyers:

  • render and apply legal standards and regulations in the correct way;
  • ensure compliance with the law in the activities of government agencies, individuals and legal entities;
  • correctly qualify the facts and circumstances;
  • develop legal documents of a legal nature, carry out legal expertise of regulatory acts, give qualified legal opinions and advice;
  • make legal decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the law;
  • discover and establish the facts of violations, determine the measures of responsibility and penalties for those responsible, and take the necessary measures to restore the violated rights.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Social studies, History.
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

Dean: Prof. Borik A. Mkrtychyan; Tel.: +7 (383) 267-3622