Ingineering Institute

23.03.03 Transport and technological machinery

Profile: Automobiles and vehicle fleet

The students can be further affiliated with specialized transport enterprises, car service system, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, transport inspection, automobile plants, research institutes, information dispatching offices and enterprises of information transport support, car service, dealer autocenters and repair plants, marketing and transport-expediting services, logistic services, repair parts; they can be the heads of production operational.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Physics.
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

35.03.06 Agricultural engineering

Profiles: Engineering systems in agribusiness

Technological equipment for storing and processing of agricultural production

The specialist focuses on agribusiness enterprises that are involved in storage and primary processing of crop and livestock products; consulting centers on management and marketing of equipment for primary processing of agricultural products.

The students can work as engineers, the heads at the processing enterprises; the head and the expert and dealer centres - manufacturers of equipment for agricultural production processing; the expert of marketing and transport-expediting service; the head and the expert of logistic system, wholesale and retail of repair parts, accessories and the materials necessary for machinery operation.

Machinery service in agribusiness

Car service is currently the most dynamically developing branch of service sphere. The growth in the number of cars contributes significantly to the number of service companies, so graduates receive a large number of job offers. Efficient functioning of the technical service enterprise is the main result of the graduates' work.

The students deal with technologies and means of maintenance service, diagnostics and repair of machines, machines, devices and equipment of machine-testing stations and enterprises of technical service, technologies and technical means of installation, maintenance and repair of machines, devices, devices and equipment applied in agribusiness.

Electric equipment and technologies in agribusiness

Energy consumption is a prerequisite for the mankind.

The students are experienced in design, install and adjust any power supply system and automation, eliminate malfunction in the electrical equipment of agricultural machines and cars, professionally operate power facilities of any enterprise (industrial, agricultural, processing); have skills in organization and maintenance of electrical networks in different settlements.

They can work as power engineers at agribusiness enterprises, engineers and adjusters of automation systems, heads of energy complexes, i.e. almost everywhere where electric energy and its transforming devices are applied.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Physics.
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

23.03.01 Technology of transport processes

Profile: Organization and safety of driving

Technosphere safety includes human security in the world, formation of technosphere comfortable conditions for human life and activity, minimization of technogenic impact on the environment, preservation of human life and health by means of modern technical means, control and forecasting methods.

The specialist in Labour safety is involved in organization of labour safety at the enterprises and management of their activity, management of labour safety and health of employees, instruction and training on labour safety, certification of the system of labour safety at the enterprise, prevention of traumas and professional diseases.

The students can be affiliated with state and business organizations as safety and risk analyst, professional safety engineer, fire safety engineer, industrial safety engineer, safety engineer, technical supervision engineer, environmental safety engineer, state supervision and control inspector, industrial safety manager or rescuer.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Computer studies and information-communicative technologies. 
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

44.03.04 Vocational education (branch-wise) 

Profile: Agriculture: Technological systems in agribusiness

Graduates can work as top-managers in agricultural, transport, repair, processing enterprises; they are engaged in construction, technological and scientific activity at the enterprise, service and dealer centers of factories; they work in the system of material and technical support, wholesale and retail trade in autotractor, agricultural and processing machinery, repair parts etc.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies.
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

Dean: Prof. Yury A. Guskov; Tel.: +7 (383) 267-3507